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Every family at Adoption Day needs the services of an attorney.  That is where you can help!


On behalf of the National Adoption Day Planning Committee, we cordially invite you to participate in the Tarrant County Adoption Day celebration.  Historically, the children being adopted and their families remember Adoption Day as a day that makes their adoption experience extra special.  We hope that you will be able to be a part of this special day.  If you have been retained to handle an adoption for children in CPS care, we invite you to have this adoption consummated at Tarrant County's Adoption Day.


A common misconception of Tarrant County's Adoption Day is that the Planning Committee assigns attorneys to families.  Actually, the families adopting children at Adoption Day will select their attorney for the adoption, and provide the name of their attorney to the Planning Committee by mid September. 


For those families who have not chosen an attorney, the Planning Committee will assist them in their attorney selection process by providing a list of attorneys.  Attorneys who would like to be on the list provided to the families must meet the following qualifications: 

1.   Represented a minimum of 2 families for adoption on a CPS case within the past 2 years; 

2.   Be listed on the “Subsidy Attorney “list in Tarrant County; 

3.   Notify Cindy Williams that you are available for Tarrant County's Adoption Day;

4.   Agree to mentor a Texas A&M  law student(s); and

5.   Attend the student training session in October from 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. at the Tarrant County Bar Assocation (1315 Calhoun Street, Fort Worth). 


Please note that any attorney on this list sent to families who is representing a family at Adoption Day is agreeing to these terms, even if the attorney feels they were hired privately.  If a family does not wish to select an attorney on their own, the Planning Committee will randomly match the family with an attorney from this list prior to the student training session.


Attorneys on the “Subsidy Attorney” list who want to participate in Tarrant County Adoption Day, must notify Cindy Williams no later than August 19, 2016.  If you are not on the “Subsidy Attorney” list, or you are on the list but no longer wish to be, please contact Cindy Williams.

What is a Subsidy Attorney?


Sometimes children who are adopted through CPS may be ‘subsidy eligible,’ which means they are eligible for some benefits from the state post-adoption.  One of these benefits is reimbursement for allowable adoption expenses.  The state will reimburse the family up to $1200 per child for allowable adoption expenses.  These expenses include legal fees, court filing fees and new birth certificate fees. 

Attorneys who represent families adopting children through CPS can request this reimbursement on behalf of the family.  Prior to making this request for reimbursement, the attorney must complete an Application for Texas Identification Number (Form A), and submit this application to CPS.  If the attorney would like to have the reimbursement funds directly deposited into their bank account, then Form B should be completed and sent to the designated address.

A list of attorneys who have completed this process for subsidy reimbursement is maintained and shared with families preparing to adopt children in foster/substitute care.  Any attorney who wishes to be on this list is welcome to complete the necessary paperwork.


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